Stage-9 Fan Enterprise-D Recreation Shut Down

Stage-9, a fan-made virtual recreation of The Next Generation‘s Enterprise-D, has been ordered by CBS Studios to shut down.

The virtual recreation was created using an Unreal game engine. Fans could access the recreation using a PC, or the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive virtual reality headsets. Using these, fans could access different decks and rooms. They could “interact with objects and even fire a phaser.”

“I originally created Stage-9 in 2016 as a piece of fan-art,” said Scragnog, head of Stage-9. “To be able to walk around on the Enterprise-D always excited me.”

In spite of making it clear that Stage-9 was not officially licensed and no money was collected, the project received a cease and desist letter in September. “We had no affiliation with CBS or Paramount, said Scragnog, “and the IP we were trying our hardest to treat with respect was not our own. Nobody involved was ever in it for financial reasons. Far from it.”

The Stage-9 channels were locked down while the Stage-9 team tried to persuade CBS to change their mind. “Over the next thirteen days we did everything we could to open up a dialogue with CBS,” said Scragnog in a video explaining the shutdown. Stage-9 even offered to get rid of the virtual reality aspect, scrap using the Enterprise-D, and to change their name, but CBS wasn’t impressed by their offers and demanded a complete shut-down.

The video below explains the shutdown of Stage-9.

Source: Eurogamervia PC Gamer

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