What We Left Behind STLV Update

Those lucky stiffs at TrekMovie are in attendance at Star Trek Las Vegas, and were able to attend the Deep Space Nine: What We Left Behind panel.

Highlights of the panel were:

  • What We Left Behind will be released in 2018 to campaign backers and those who pre-ordered the documentary.
  • The documentary may be available later via a streaming service.
  • What We Left Behind will be about an hour and forty-minutes long, exclusive of credits.
  • Although Avery Brooks did not provide a new interview, he is “fully supportive” and he is “watching over the doc” according to Ira Steven Behr.
  • A big theme of the documentary is “family.”
  • Forty to fifty interviews were done; about one hundred and twenty hours worth of interviews.
  • The “Writer’s Room” segment of the documentary will be about eighteen to twenty minutes long.
  • Expect “a lot” of special features.

Source: TrekMovie

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