Starship Collection Starship Previews

More preview pictures of several Eaglemoss Starships Collection starships have been released.

The ships include the Nimitz class USS Europa, the Vulcan cruiser, the USS Reliant (XL size), the USS Enterprise-B, the USS Voyager, and renderings of the Kelvin timeline shuttles.

The Nimitz class USS Europa is the fifth issue of the Discovery series, and is now being sent to subscribers.

The sixth issue will be the Vulcan Cruiser, and the next XL issue will be the USS Reliant.

The XL issue before that was the USS Enterprise-B, which is now available to fans.

The USS Voyager was released as a bonus issue, and there are four Kelvin timeline shuttlecrafts.

The Discovery worker bee will be arriving soon from Eaglemoss, as shown in a preview from Europa magazine.

More images can be found at the referring site.

Source: The Trek Collective

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