Star Trek: Discovery Blu-Ray/DVD Extras

Star Trek: Discovery Season One will release on November 13 in the U.S. and Canada, and now a release date has been announced for the U.K. and other countries. Plus: Limited-edition steelbook.

The U.K. release is only a bit behind the U.S. release; with Star Trek: Discovery Season One arriving on November 19 in the U.K.

Here is the full list of overseas Blu-Ray/DVD release dates:

  • U.K. – November 19
  • Scandinavia – November 19
  • Benelux – November 21
  • Brazil – November 21
  • Spain – November 21
  • Germany – November 22
  • Australia – November 28
  • Italy – December 4
  • France – December 4

On November 13, a steelbook version of the Star Trek: Discovery Blu-ray will be available. It will have the same discs as in other versions. The steelbook version will be available at select retailers including Best Buy.

Source: The Hollywood Newsvia

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