Star Trek 4 In Trouble?

Negotiations between Paramount Pictures/Skydance Media and two of the actors slated to star in Star Trek 4 have fallen apart.

The actors are Chris Pine (Captain Kirk) and Chris Hemsworth (Kirk’s father).

The actors claim that they had deals in place for the fourth Kelvin Timeline movie, but the studios want them to take pay cuts because of the “mediocre” performance of Star Trek Beyond.

The studios claim that Star Trek Beyond grossed only $343 million worldwide, after $190 million was spent on it. An insider for the studio claims that they “lost money on the movie.”

Pine signed for Star Trek 4 at the same time he signed for Star Trek Beyond. Both Pine and Hemsworth have starred or will be starring in movies expected to bring in at least double what Star Trek Beyond made.

The other actors were expected to make their deals for Star Trek 4 after Pine and Hemsworth. Paramount anticipates no problem with signing the rest of the cast.

According to Paramount and Skydance, the movie is a “priority development” and will not be “put on hold.”

Hopefully, talks will begin again and the two, especially Pine, will not be recast.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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