Wiseman: Tilly’s Path In Season Two of Discovery

Mary Wiseman was interviewed at Comic-Con last week, and she revealed where her popular character Sylvia Tilly would be going in the second season of Star Trek: Discovery.

Tilly’s newfound bravery will be seen this season, because “it’s a part of her, and her maturation,” said Wiseman. “We’re going to have to see how she rounds out her personality. She will have to develop more skills to be a captain.”

But the path to command won’t be easy for the newly-minted ensign. “She’s going to come up against a bunch of stuff in herself [and] have some personal challenges that will be isolating and be painful for her,” said Wiseman, “but also will, ultimately, make her grow. Tilly’s a very supportive and empathetic character, but I think in this season she comes more into her own – and has a little bit [more] of her own life.”

Expect to see Tilly on the bridge more this season, Wiseman told TrekMovie. “She is going to be on the bridge much more. A bit more out of engineering and into the real command center of the entire ship. She is still going to be helping Commander Stamets. They have a really deep bond personally and professionally. I think they really understand each other, scientifically. So, they really have a great working relationship. She will continue her relationship with Burnham.”

Tilly has “dreamed of being a captain like I dreamed of being an actor, from the time she was very little until her now, as an adult,” said Wiseman. “It is her vocation and that’s her thing, her pie in the sky. That’s going to be a huge part of her arc in Season Two.”

Source: TrekCorevia TrekMovie

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