Pegg On Toxic Fandom

One of the negative parts of working on a hit franchise is having to deal with online “toxic fandoms,” but that doesn’t faze Simon Pegg.

Not all fandoms are toxic, and according to Pegg, when a fandom is smaller or united in its views of a show/movie, there are usually much fewer problems. “I’ve never experienced it with Mission: Impossible fans and I think it’s because Mission: Impossible doesn’t really have those schisms within its fanbase,” he said. “I don’t think it has a fanbase in that same respect that comic book movies and science fiction does. I think maybe it’s not susceptible or vulnerable to that kind of divisiveness.”

Does knowing that a toxic fandom exists for a show or movie influence a decision to take on a role in that show or movie? “I think the minute you start engaging with that sort of stuff, it’s just a waste of time…and life,” said Pegg.

Source: Comic Book Movie

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