Latif: Dealing With Ash Tyler’s Sexual Assault

Shazad Latif played the tormented Ash Tyler in Season One of Star Trek: Discovery, and the actor spoke about what Tyler would be dealing with in Season Two.

Tyler has to deal with the aftermath of sexual assault by L’Rell and his former dual identity. “Well, for Tyler it’s big,” said Latif. “But there’s a bigger picture to sexual assault that just doesn’t include the victim — it affects everyone around him, including friends, loved ones and that’s something that needs to be addressed in our society.”

“It’s messy, isn’t it,” Latif added. “Life gets messy.”

Tyler’s trauma will be “addressed,” said Latif. “It will bring more conflict and will add a lot of drama to the show, that’s for sure… It’s important to Tyler, and to me.”

Source: TrekCore

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