Jones: Saru In Season Two of Star Trek: Discovery

Doug Jones spoke recently to TrekCore about what’s in store for Saru for the second season. Note: mild spoilers ahead.

One of the things that will happen to Saru is that he will end up back home. “We get a home planet visit,” said Jones, and how we get there — why we get there — I cannot reveal, but it’s a part of the entire arc of the whole season.

“We’re back to the original mission of Starfleet, which is exploration, right?” he said. “So we have a trail of bread crumbs that are being left for us all over the universe — and one of those leads us right back to my home planet!”

Fans will also find out about the lack of Kelpien presence (other than Saru) in Starfleet. “Why is there only one Kelpien in Starfleet?” asked Jones. “I think that’s also going to be answered this season – how I came to be a part of Starfleet and broke the mold of my people.”

Source: TrekCore

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