FanSets Trek Pins At San-Diego Comic-Con

Plenty of Trek-themed FanSets pins will be available at the San Diego Comic-Con.

They include:

  • Deep Space Nine “poker chip” pin featuring Captain Sisko as he appeared in the Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang episode. $15.00
  • Set of nine 2018 Deep Space Nine 25th Anniversary Cast pins, plus the Deep Space Nine Anniversary pin. $225.00. One hundred-and-seventy-six of these sets will be available.
  • Captain Kirk pin hand-signed by William Shatner. $150.00. One hundred pieces available – with sixteen per day offered each day of the convention.
  • Original series Where No Man Has Gone before variant pin (black-and-white television). $20.00. One hundred pieces will be available.
  • Odo and His Bucket pin. $6.95.
  • LLAP lapel pin. $5.95.
  • Vulcan IDIC symbol pin. $9.95.
  • We Are Starfleet (from Star Trek: Discovery) pin. $9.95.
  • Discovery backing card for Discovery pins. Framed $40.00. Loose $22.00.


Source: TrekCore

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