Cruz On The Return of Dr. Culber

Wilson Cruz spoke to TrekMovie at a press event last week, where the actor spoke about the return of Dr. Culber in the second season of Star Trek: Discovery.

The character is coming back, but not as a flashback or a ghost. “What’s been really fun for the past year in my case is to have read all the different theories about how I would be returning,” said Cruz. “And nobody has gotten it yet, which is pretty cool. But I love reading that stuff.”

The actor confirmed that the character will be back in some way, and interacting with others, not as a flashback. “Correct,” he said. “I can say that.”

Cruz was a recurring character in Season One, but this year he’s part of the main cast. And in Season Two, fans will get to “find out a lot about Culber – who he is, what he wants, what makes him tick, what his ambitions are – separate and apart from this relationship,” said Cruz. “But we get to learn a lot about this relationship and it is put through the test.”

“We are really are going to expand the presence of Culber and who he is and all of those things,” Cruz added. “We are not only going to see this relationship and how it is affected by this, but who they are.

“[Culber] has gone through a trauma, and that affects and changes and stays with you. It has a physical effect on you.”

Source: TrekMovie

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