ANOVOS Star Trek: Discovery Phaser Rifle

A new prop replica will be of interest to Star Trek: Discovery fans.

The Star Trek: Discovery Starfleet Phaser Rifle Interactive Prop Replica will begin shipping in Winter 2018.

“This Star Trek: Discovery Starfleet costume accessory was created using reference taken from the original screen-used production assets, and produced in the exacting manner that the screen-used pieces were for production.

The phaser rifle is a “fully-finished interactive replica, with 3D print construction just like the actual hero production pieces were for production of Star Trek: Discovery. It includes ‘Stun’ and ‘Kill’ settings selected by side button on left, with lit ‘ring’ indicator light at top. (‘Stun’ is blue; ‘Kill’ is red.)”

Other features include:

  • Faux laser sight slung under-barrel, which is activated by a button on the left instrumentation panel under the targeting scope.
  • Side-mounted, functional tactical light with consumer-replaceable batteries.
  • OLED screen with playback H.U.D. in scope.
  • Front-mounted locking swivel handle for two-handed operation.
  • Functional butt-stock with locking pin.
  • Replaceable consumer batteries — no need to worry about shelf-life for unserviceable, custom-made rechargeable batteries.
  • Rotating barrel that locks into three positions, each with its own aperture and color.
  • Display stand, designed as a nod to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, home of Starfleet Headquarters.
  • Certificate of Authenticity from ANOVOS

The ANOVOS Star Trek: Discovery Phaser Rifle will cost $1,500.00 and can be pre-ordered from ANOVOS. Their page for the phaser rifle is currently down as of this writing; but go to ANOVOS‘ home page and you should be able to see it when the phaser rifle page is posted again.

Source: ANOVOS

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