Star Trek Online Expands Line Of 3D Printed Ships

This week, Star Trek Online announced that their line of 3D printed ships will now include more types of ships, ranging from four inches to twelve inches long. The ships will come at lower price points too.

Here is what fans could previously order, as reported back in March. These ships are twelve inches in length.

  • Collectible version: $350.00 base price. Detailed painting.
  • Single color version: $225.00 base price. Gold, silver, bronze or black.
  • Primer version: $200.00 base price. Ideal for model painters/hobbyists.

The new ships include:

  • Four inch long painted ship: $20.00
  • Seven inch long painted ship: $99.00
  • Twelve inch long painted ship: $299.00

To order your favorite STO ship, go to the “in-game ship customization screen, and set up your ship how you like it. Then click on ‘3D Print this Ship,’ and you’ll be taken to a Gameprint website where you can choose what style of ship you’d like to print.

The original ships (collectible, single color, and primer) will still be available, but prices will rise to $549.00 for the hand-painted one, and $349 for either of the other two ships first offered back in March.

Check out this video of Mackenzie Riccardi‘s unboxing of one of the 3D printed STO starships.

Source: Arc Games

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