Star Trek: Bridge Crew TNG Expansion

Star Trek: Bridge Crew launched a year ago, and now an expansion to the game will please Star Trek: The Next Generation fans.

The interior of the Enterprise-D has been recreated for the game. Also, there will be enemies to battle: The Borg and Romulans.

In this new ship, Operations will replace the usual Engineer role. Some of the responsibilities will remain though; changing warp coils and allocating power, but “Operations is also given a side-view map of the Enterprise and a hand full of generic crew to move around it. Moving them to certain systems will provide different bonuses to your ship, and is basically a little mini-game in itself.”

The Next Generation DLC will debut on PS4 (with or without VR) on May 22nd, followed by PC on July 21.

Source: IGNvia VR Focus

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