Nichols Placed Under Temporary Conservatorship

A Los Angeles Superior Court Judge has granted a temporary conservatorship for Nichelle Nichols to a team of professional fiduciaries; whose job it is to handle a person’s finances and assets.

The petition to the court came from her son, Kyle Johnson, because his mother allegedly is suffering from dementia. Over $250,000 is missing from her account and her manager, Gilbert Bell, had deeded one of her two properties (worth about two million dollars) to himself. Bell cancelled the property transfer once he found out about Nichol’s son’s petition. Bell objected to the petition, but the judge, Barbara Johnson, granted the conservatorship anyhow.

Johnson and Nichol’s sister attended the hearing, but Nichelle was not there in person. She voluntarily did not appear in court Monday when the hearing took place.

On August 16, there will be another hearing, this time for permanent conservatorship.

Source: The Grapevinevia My News LA

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