More Eaglemoss Discovery Starships

Images from the third and fourth issues of the Eaglemoss Discovery Starships Collection have been released.

The third ship will be the Shepard Class USS Kerala NCC-1255. This ship took part in the Battle of the Binary Stars in 2256.

Click on thumbnails to see the USS Kerala.





The fourth ship will delight Klingon fans, as it is a Klingon Bird-of-Prey. The detailing on this ship is exquisite and truly does look like a real bird of prey.

Click on thumbnails to see the Klingon Bird-of-Prey.





Finally, a photo of the bonus items from Eaglemoss, which will be sent roughly every fourth shipment, can be seen in the cover photo and in a thumbnail above. The items include:

  • Two Discovery posters (with shipment two)
  • USS Shenzhou NCC-1227 plaque (with shipment four)
  • USS Discovery NCC-1031 plaque (with shipment eight)
  • Tardigrade Figurine (with shipment twelve)
  • USS Discovery M.U. variant (with shipment fifteen)

US fans can get more information and begin their collection by heading to the site, located here.

Source: More Eaglemoss Discovery Starships

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