A Fan Once Stole Shatner’s Underwear

At a breakfast to celebrate Priceline‘s 20th anniversary, William Shatner revealed the lengths to which one fan would go so that she could get her memorabilia autographed.

“I was in a hotel and entertaining downstairs and when I came back to my room, my underwear was gone,” he said. “Somebody had been in my room and stolen my underwear.”

A woman called his hotel room and said that she would give his undies back but only if he signed some memorabilia for her. Shatner agreed to meet her in the hotel lobby.

The woman had too much to sign and Shatner said, “I’m not going to sign all that.”

“Well sign this,” said the woman, opening up her shirt.

“I ran,” said Shatner. “I grabbed my underwear and ran.”

Shatner still has no idea how the woman was able to access his hotel room.

Source: Page Six

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