Pegg On Another Star Trek Movie

Even though Anton Yelchin is no longer with us, Simon Pegg would still like to do another Trek movie.

Hearing about the possibility of Quentin Tarantino writing the script rather surprised the cast. “We all got this email the other day from J.J. Abrams just sort of saying, ‘um, oh guys, Quentin Tarantino came in the office and pitched this and we’re gonna think about it. We were like, what?

“People just assume, I think, because it’s Quentin that it will be R-rated but he is a massive Star Trek fan…who knows!”

Pegg is on board for the next movie. “I know we’re doing more,” he said. “I’d love to – I love those guys. It’s, of course, difficult because we lost Anton and moving forward without him still feels unimaginable.”

Source: The Quietus

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