Discovery 8 PM Airing in Canada Causes Problems

TrekMovie reports that the airing of Star Trek: Discovery on Space in Canada at 8 PM has caused a complaint to be filed with the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council.

According to the complaint, there was profanity and violence that was inappropriate for the time the show was shown. Shows with profanity or violence “intended for adult audiences” are expected to air after 9 PM.

Space said that “the Star Trek franchise has an extremely loyal and engaged fan base so we took into consideration how the coarse language was used and we decided to air the episode uncut and uncensored in order to deliver the content our Space viewers expect,” but CBSC was having none of it.

Space must air an announcement that they had breached the Code of Ethics and Violence in prime time twice next week. And if they persist in showing Discovery at 8 PM, they will have to bleep out profanity or cut violent scenes. So it’s quite possible that Star Trek: Discovery will move to 9 PM to avoid this.

Source: TrekMovie

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