Urban: We’ll Be Back Soon

While doing press for his latest project, BENT, Karl Urban spoke about Star Trek 4.

“Here’s the thing,” he said, when asked about progress on Star Trek 4. “They’re in the really early stages of development at this time. Quentin is about to direct his Hollywood film with Brad Pitt and DiCaprio. You’re talking about a film after a film.”

So will Urban’s McCoy be back? “It’s really a question for Paramount,” he said. “But, that being said, I have such a blast working on those Star Trek movies. You know, that cast, we’re like family at this point.”

But Urban thinks that things get rolling again. “I’m pretty confident within, hopefully the next year, that we’ll be back on the set,” he said.

Meanwhile, catch Urban in BENT, which will be released this week in theaters and On Demand. In BENT, “Urban’s Gallagher, a shamed former cop turned private investigator…connects a murder case to a government conspiracy involving rogue agents from a top spy agency.”

Source: JoBlovia Brinkwire

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