Shatner: Join Humanity’s First Mission To The Sun

A new video promoting NASA‘s Parker Solar Probe mission features the original series’ William Shatner.

In the video, Shatner asks if you “wanna join NASA on a historic mission to the sun? “The first-ever spaceship to the sun, NASA‘s Parker Solar Probe will launch this year on a course to orbit through the heat of our star’s corona where temperatures are greater than one million degrees.”

“Parker’s Solar Probe is going to teach us about how the sun works,” added Shatner, “and it affects life and technology here on Earth.”

A microchip with Shatner’s name and the “the names of everyone who wants to join this mission of extreme discovery,” will accompany the probe, which is the side of a car.

To send your name to the sun, head to the link here and follow the instructions. Submissions, which are free, will be accepted through April 27, 2018.

Source: NBC News

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