Kurtzman To Direct Discovery Season Two Premiere

Star Trek: Discovery Executive Producer Alex Kurtzman will be directing the first episode of the second season of Discovery.

Back in February, Kurtzman said, “I think with Enterprise‘s arrival in the finale we recognize that the audience has a lot of questions about our synchronicity with the original series, which really means or synchronicity with canon. So the promise of the Enterprise holds the answers to a lot of those questions, including Spock’s relationship with his half-sister who he’s never mentioned. Which does not necessarily mean you’re going to see Spock, just that we owe an answer to that question.”

Production on the show resumes next month in Toronto. It has not been revealed though, when the show will resume airing. It’s expected to return either in 2019 or perhaps later this year.

Also look for Jonathan Frakes to return as director this season.

Source: Variety

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