Byrne’s Star Trek: New Visions To Wrap Up

John Byrne‘s Star Trek: New Visions comic series will be ending soon.

Byrne announced the news on his website yesterday. “The news of Chris Ryall‘s departure from IDW, reported in another thread, brings me to some news of my own,” he said.

“Issue 24 will be my last of New Visions, at least on anything like a regular schedule. Paramount is allowing me to bow out with one last big itch scratched.

“It’s been an amazing amount of fun, but I’ve felt this coming for a while — especially since my twenty-six total issues equate to a full ‘season.’

“My Star Trek work at IDW has allowed me to scratch a lot of itches! From why the Enterprise simply disappeared out of the sky when Captain Christopher was beamed back into his jet (and himself), to how dropping a rock on someone as powerful as Gary Mitchell could kill him, to how a ship that big could have only one transporter room. And the ‘bowling alley’, of course. And more.

“This last one (for now) is gonna be a biggie!”

In the picture accompanying this article, a preliminary ship interior for issue #24 is shown.

Byrne did hold out the hope of more of his work appearing in future. “There is a chance I may do occasional ‘Specials,’ if I can hatch appropriate stories,” he said.

Star Trek: New Visions made its debut in 2014. His next issue, #21 is due out next month.

Source: Byrne Robotics

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