Picardo: Voyager Got Me Interested In Science Again

Robert Picardo spoke about how acting in Star Trek: Voyager got him back into science again.

“I was a biology major originally in college,” he said, “so I had a love of science from when I was a young student, but then I became an actor and I got away from it.

“But Star Trek has actually brought me back to my love for science by placing me in the company of so many people that are either astronauts or scientists, engineers, people that work at jet propulsion laboratories for NASA. I’ve met all of these incredible people that are passionate about space and I have caught the passion.”

Picardo will be attending Pensacon this weekend in Pensacola, Florida, but before that, he will be at the UWF Innovation Institute where he will speak about innovation and how “shows like Star Trek have informed science.” The event is sold out.

“Science fiction dreams the dream and then real science catches up and make the dream come true,” said Picardo.

Source: 3WEARTV

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