New Eaglemoss Starships

The next ships in the Eaglemoss The Official Starships Collection have been announced.

The ships include:

  • #122: Yeager class
  • #123: Romulan Science Vessel (TNG: The Next Phase)
  • #124: SS Emmette
  • #125: Alice (Voyager: Alice)
  • #126: Niagara Class USS Princeton
  • #127: Eymorg ship (TOS: Spock’s Brain)
  • #128: OV-165 shuttle (from Star Trek: Enterprise)
  • #129: 23rd century Tholian ship (TOS: The Tholian Web)
  • #130: Borg Probe (Voyager: Dark Frontier)

Number 130 takes the collection up through August 2018.

Source: The Trek Collective

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