Join Shatner At Star Trek Convention

A new Omaze fundraising campaign offers a fan and a guest access to William Shatner at the Official Star Trek Convention.

“Get ready to boldly go where very few have gone before,” says Omaze, “the Official Star Trek Convention! As William Shatner’s personal VIP guest! We hope you’re strapped in because Las Vegas is your final frontier. You and your luckiest fellow Trekker will sit VIP at all of William’s panels, get introduced to the audience as his guest at one of them and even have lunch with everyone’s favorite Starfleet officer. Now that’s something to record in the captain’s log. Between bonding with Captain Kirk himself and experiencing the biggest Star Trek convention in the world with exclusive access, even Spock would agree that it’s only logical for all phasers to be set to fun. Plus, flights and hotel on us.”

To enter, fans donate to a selected charity, in this case, The Hollywood Charity Horse Show, which benefits eighteen “organizations (including Pets for Vets, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Ahead with Horses and Blind Children’s Center) with three main focuses: children’s therapeutic programs, community programs and veterans programs.”

The more you donate, the more entries you receive. A $25.00 donation will give two-hundred-and-fifty entries, while a $5,000.00 donation will give 50,000 entries.

For more information, head to the link located here.

Source: Omaze

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