Comics: Back To The Mirror Universe For The Next Generation

This spring, the crew of The Next Generation will return to the Mirror Universe in a new IDW Publishing comic series.

The five-issue comic book series will be called Through the Mirror.

“The one thing that’s never been done in Star Trek‘s Mirror Universe tales is an all-out clash between universes,” said Scott Tipton, who will be penning the series along with David Tipton. “The opportunity to set Picard against Picard was just too exciting to resist.”

“While the previous Mirror Broken series introduced the TNG Mirror characters, this new series will give us not only a closer look at them, but also show them crossing over into the Prime Universe, leading up to an ultimate confrontation between the Enterprise crews,” said David Tipton.

Artists for Through the Mirror will include Chris Johnson, Marcus To, Josh Hood, Carlos Nieto, Debora Carita, J.K. Woodward, Peter McKinstry, and Marc Laming.

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Through the Mirror #1 will make its debut on May 2, to be followed by the other four issues every week in May.


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