ANOVOS Discovery Ship Models

Two new Star Trek: Discovery ships will be of interest to serious collectors of model ships.

They include the NCC-1227 USS Shenzhou, and the NCC-1031 USS Discovery.

ANOVOS is excited to present a new line of collectible studio-scale filming models whose aim is to tell the story of these starships in never-before seen detail—not only from without, but from within.

“In keeping with the early days of Star Trek collecting, where technical manuals and books have always been part of the ship’s narrative, advancements in 3D design and printing have allowed us to bring these technical drawings to life, by engineering the fully dimensional ships from inside-out.

“Using digital assets for the Shenzhou [and Discovery] provided directly by CBS from the show’s production team, our core engineers took these ships’ specifically-focused areas of interest and engineered the internal architecture, which were then given life via 3D printing and integrated with lights.

“The final effect is a deeper look into not only these beautifully hand-painted ship, but also an interactive experience with the ability to lift portions of the hull plating to reveal the ship’s working warp coils, crew’s quarters, and shuttlebay.”

These beautiful ships are built to order, but be warned, they are not cheap. The USS Shenzhou, which can be ordered here, will set you back $8,000.00, which the USS Discovery, available here, costs $9,000.00.


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