New Star Trek: Discovery Episode Pins

Three more pins from FanSets’ Star Trek: Discovery episode pin set collection have been announced.

The pins come from Into the Forest I Go, Despite Yourself, and The Wolf Inside.

The Into the Forest I Go pin features Burnham and Kol. Tilly/Killy fans will be pleased with the Despite Yourself pin which features Tilly made up to be a MU Tilly. The Wolf Inside highlights MU Sarek, complete with goatee.

The Star Trek: Discovery pins are sold as a set of fifteen episode pins plus an exclusive “Season 1 Pass Holder Pin.” They ship in two separate sets; one containing pins 1-8 and the Pass Holder pin, and the other containing the last eight pins (which will ship four to six weeks after the fifteenth episode airs).

Cost for the set (U.S) is $200 plus $25 shipping and handling. Outside of the U.S., the cost for the pins is the same, but shipping will be $50.00.

To order your set, head to the link located here.

Source: StarTrek.comvia FanSets

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