Frakes: Expect Surprises In Despite Yourself

This Sunday, Star Trek: Discovery returns with Despite Yourself, which was directed by Jonathan Frakes. Frakes spoke with Rotten Tomatoes and about the episode and surprising events that occur in Despite Yourself. There will be spoilers below.

Viewers should expect a very good episode, said Frakes. “I think it’s the best episode of the year. Of course, I’m a little biased. I think it’s going to be very exciting for the fans. Sonequa is amazing. I think she is a magical new face for the franchise. I’m a big fan.”

Expect a surprising death in the episode. “It was a great death,” said Frakes. “But is it a death?”

Evidently there will be a “temporal anomaly” in Despite Yourself, which is why Frakes asked if the death was really a death. And previews of the episode show what seems to be a Vulcan ship firing on Discovery!

Frakes also spoke about the Michael/Ash relationship. The relationship heats up, but “is that really the man she wants to be with?” asked Frakes.

Will Frakes be back for more Discovery episodes? “[I’m] confident,” he said. “Hopefully confident. Confidently hopeful.”

Source: Rotten Tomatoesvia Star

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