Wilson On Reinventing Mudd

Rainn Wilson was a fan of the Harry Mudd character from his earliest years. “I loved the character of Harry Mudd,” he said. “I remember him so distinctly; having first seen him at like age seven. So the idea of resurrecting the character, retooling him, reinventing him, rebooting him was just a dream come true.”

So what did Wilson do to prepare for the role of the conman? “The first thing I did was look at two episodes that Roger Carmel had done as Harry Mudd on the original series,” he said. “I wasn’t looking so much at like gestures, or how he played the character but just the role the character played in the telling of the stories. So – dastardly, charming, moving the clock forward, having some secrets, a little bit con man, a little bit merchant. I just kind of got that general feel and tried to bring that to my version of Harry Mudd.”

Source: Star Trek YouTube Page

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