Star Trek: Discovery Giclée Prints

Two new giclée prints featuring Star Trek: Discovery will be of interest to Trek fans. For those who wonder what a giclée print is, it’s a fine art printing created using a high-quality inkjet printer.

One print features the Klingons, and the other features the crew of the USS Discovery and Captain Georgiou.

The Klingon print was created by Paul Shipper. It features T’Kuvma. The print measures 24×36 and can be ordered here. The print costs $54.95.

The Star Trek: Discovery Starfleet Giclée Print, also created by Shipper, features Captain Georgiou, Captain Lorca, Michael Burnham, First Officer Saru, Lt. Tyler, Lt. Stamets, and Cadet Tilly.

The print also measures 24×36 and can be ordered here, where it will also sell for $54.95.

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