Stewart’s Medical Woes

Earlier this year, Sir Patrick Stewart was diagnosed with a new medical condition.

The actor is suffering from vertigo, which he has had for eight months.

“I am permanently dizzy,” he said. “I’ve seen seven doctors and I am now in the hands of a professor of neurology in London. And they have all said that it will go away.”

Stewart and his doctors do not know what caused the condition. “We are trying to literally reprogram certain little aspects of my brain, [which] receive signals from my eyes and my ears and my body,” he said. “It doesn’t make sense. And quite why it’s come about, they don’t know. But it’s unpleasant. The only good thing is that it goes away when I’m horizontal, so I sleep beautifully. And when I drive — and I love driving, I’m a passionate driver — I can get in my car and I’m no longer dizzy. I can drive anywhere at any speed. I have even been on a racetrack driving, and the doctors are fascinated.”

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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