Shatner Unblocks Isaacs

There’s nothing like a little publicity to get a problem solved and two Trek captains are speaking again.

William Shatner has unblocked Jason Isaacs on Twitter, saying “He who must not be named’s bff is now unblocked.” Shatner was referring to Jason’s role in Harry Potter as Lucius Malfoy.

Isaacs responded to the unblocking, saying, “To be unblocked by @WilliamShatner I had to marry off a ginger royal, fire an intercontinental missile at Japan and get Trump not to insult heroic Native American code-talkers in front of an offensive painting of their worst enemy (that he put there). #TwoOutOfThreesNotBad.”

There was no word on what caused the blocking, but speculation was that it was due to an interview in which Isaacs said that he didn’t want “stunt celebrity cameo casting,” as it tends to “[pull] fans out of [the show/movie.] They feel like they’re watching a Saturday Night Live sketch.”

Whatever the reason, as often happens, a bunch of online publicity soon fixed the problem.

Source: Entertainment

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