Shatner To Condo Developer: Stop Using My Name

A condominium developer in Hamilton, Canada tried to use William Shatner‘s name to promote a condo unit but Shatner is having none of that – unless the developer compensates him.

The developer, Brad Lamb, is using celebrity names for each of the condos; including names such as Lucille Ball, Andy Griffith, Don Johnson, Henry Winkler, and more than a dozen other celebrities.

Shatner got wind of the project and spoke up on Twitter. “Mr. @BradJLamb it has come to my attention you are using my name & caricature likeness in your brochures to sell real estate,” he said. “You are also using the name & likeness of @hwinkler4real & others I do not recall giving you permission to use my name or likeness.”

Lamb explained that he was paying tribute to the stars, but would remove Shatner (and the other celebrities) from his promotional material.

“Removing my name doesn’t exonerate you for damages for using my brand in a commercial venture,” said Shatner. “I understand you are a kind gentleman; let’s settle this like gentlemen. I have a charity. I would like you to give a nice big donation in lieu of having to talk to my lawyers. Deal?”

Source: CHCH

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