Harberts On Rapp’s Bravery

Star Trek: Discovery‘s Aaron Harberts is proud of Anthony Rapp‘s courage in speaking out about Kevin Spacey‘s attempt to sexual abuse him that took place when Rapp was a young teen.

“We like to believe that our show can make change,” said Harberts. “Anthony Rapp’s courage made change, without a doubt.

“I am so proud of him; that’s change in our world, in this moment. And very few people can say that. I’m honored to know him.”

Harberts also said that Star Trek: Discovery is “out in front” when it comes to addressing potential sexual abuse. “In the sense that [we’re showing] this is how people treat each other; this is how people respect each other; sexualization isn’t happening on our television show,” he explained. “In terms of what’s happening in Hollywood, that is not how our television show is run, and that comes from the top down.

“As all of this mess is being sorted out, we can look at each other and say, ‘Not on our show’. And I think because we all love and respect each other, it’s coming through in the product.”

Source: Digital Spy

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