The Planetary Post Welcomes Shatner

In the latest edition of The Planetary Post, hosted by Robert Picardo, Picardo welcomes William Shatner aboard for a special mission.

To celebrate the fortieth anniversary of Voyager 1’s launch, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory held a contest. One lucky person’s words were chosen to broadcast to Voyager 1 from Mission Control.

That winner, Oliver Jenkins, wrote: “We offer friendship across the stars. You are not alone.”

Those words were spoken by Shatner who went to Mission Control to deliver the special message across space.

Other topics on this month’s Planetary Post include Cassini’s Grand Finale, the OSIRIS-REx Flyby, and Bill Nye at the (International Astronautical Congress (IAC), where he discussed an update on the new LightSail 2 Animation.

Source: The Planetary Post

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