Saldana In My Little Pony: The Movie

Star Trek Beyond‘s Zoë Saldana will be taking on the role of a pirate captain pony in My Little Pony: The Movie.

The film “follows six magical ponies as they go on a quest to save their beloved home and, along the way, encounter everything from dangerous foes to newfound friends.”

Saldana’s role is that of “Captain Celaeno, a humanoid parrot and jaded pirate captain who is relegated to the Storm King’s delivery service.”

Celaeno “cares for her crew”, said Saldana. “She’s a responsible, thoughtful, and empathetic leader. That’s a terrific, very poignant message to give to children about leadership – that it’s okay for you to want to be a leader as long as you know that the responsibilities that come along with it.”

My Little Pony: The Movie opens today.

Source: The Hollywood Reportervia My Little Pony The Movie Wikipedia entry

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