Kurtzman: Setting Up Season Two of Star Trek: Discovery

Season One of Star Trek: Discovery is focused on war, said Alex Kurtzman in a TrekMovie interview; and now the focus is on what to do for a second season, if commissioned.

“[The first season] wraps up and it creates new situations,” said Kurtzman. “There is a certain point when you are working through the story arc of a season that you start to have ideas you fall in love with that you realize cannot go into that season. So, you start putting them on index cards and thumbtacking them to the board and then suddenly that becomes the next season.

“We are about to start shooting the final episode, so late in the season a really strong emotional idea became clear to all of us and we decided that is what season two is going to be all about. If we get a season two, the seeds are going to be planted at the end of season one.”

Will the first season end on a cliffhanger? “I think the audience has to have a satisfying experience of the season,” said Kurtzman. “They have to feel it has come full circle and they have had an arc. So, I think we can have an arc and we can also set up where we want to go next season. So, those things aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive.”

Source: TrekMovie

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