First Five FanSets Discovery Episode Pins

As reported earlier, FanSets is releasing pins based on Star Trek: Discovery. In addition to character pins, pins based on the episodes are being offered too.

Fifteen episode pins will be released, as well as a Season 1 Pass Holder pin. The pins will be sold as two sets; one shipping four-to-six weeks after the eight episode airs, and the second set shipping after the fifteenth episode.

Fans must order before October 29 to receive the exclusive Season 1 Pass Holder pin.

The first five episode pins are on FanSets‘ website and include The Vulcan Hello, Battle at the Binary Stars, Context is for Kings, The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not for the Lamb’s Cry, and Choose Your Pain.

To order the season set, head to the link located here. The US cost for the set is $200 plus $25 shipping and handling. the international cost for the set will be $200 plus $50 shipping and handling.

Source: FanSets

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