Discovery Will Air Later Into November Now

Good news for fans loving Star Trek: Discovery; the first half of the season will run a week longer than originally planned.

“As previously announced, Star Trek: Discovery will air in two chapters,” said CBS All Access in a press release. “The eight-episode-long first chapter of the series will now be increased to nine episodes, with the final episode of chapter one debuting on Sunday, Nov. 12. The second chapter, featuring the remaining six episodes, will return in January 2018.”

Three episodes have already aired, and two new titles of forthcoming episodes have been released. Next week’s episode was already stated as The Butcher’s Knife Cares Not for the Lamb’s Cry, and the two to follow it will be Choose Your Pain, and Lethe.

Discovery is doing very well, according to Marc DeBevoise, President and COO, CBS Interactive. “Consumer response to the launch of Star Trek: Discovery has been tremendous,” he said. “The build up to the show’s premiere led us to a record-setting month, week and ultimately day of sign-ups. The second week of the series has also exceeded our expectations and is a credit to the brilliant and dedicated work of the show’s entire creative team and cast. We can’t wait for fans to see what comes next for the USS Discovery and its crew.”

CBS All Access‘ daily growth has “increased two hundred percent year-over-year,” according to the press release, and Discovery is “the most streamed premiere of a CBS show across digital platforms on record, measured against all CBS programming – both in front of and behind the CBS All Access paywall.”

Source: CBS Press Express

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