The Orville: For Star Trek Fans

One of the actors who will be appearing on The Orville, which makes its debut this month, spoke about potential fans who would be coming from the Star Trek fandom.

Speaking with Screenrant, Mark Jackson, who will be portraying Isaac the Android, a Kaylon from the planet Kaylon, made an interesting statement when asked about worries that the show won’t make it past its first season. “I can’t let it [worry me] is as I have no control over that, so there’s no point in worrying about it,” he said. “I think they’ll make their decision whether to keep it going very quickly; it’s been a very expensive show to make so a lot of people want to make it work but we’ve had a lot of buzz. At San Diego Comic-Con, we had a lot of people queuing who wanted to get into our panel, and because it’s Seth I think people will give it a go. I think a lot of the Star Trek fans, disgruntled about not having Star Trek for years [will turn to our show].”

When reminded that Star Trek: Discovery will also air this month, so soon there will be new Star Trek, Jackson said, “There is but that’s only going to be available online and you have to pay a subscription for it, so I think there’s going to be a few disgruntled Star Trek fans who will love this show, as well as Seth MacFarlane fans, so we’ll have quite the mix.”

Look for the premiere of The Orville on FOX on Sunday, September 10. After the premiere, the show will air on Thursdays.

Source: Screenrant

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