Star Trek: Discovery In Star Trek Timelines

Fans of Star Trek Timelines will be happy to see the new addition to the game; Star Trek: Discovery!

Right now, players can see Michael Burnham and Lt. Saru in their tutorial. But come October, in Star Trek Timeline’s Discovery: A New Anomaly mega-event, they will see “more crew, more ships, and more stories into the game” from the new show.

“On Thursday, October 5th, Discovery: A New Anomaly begins. The month-long event will introduce Discovery to players while bringing ships and crew into the game. New crew coming to the game will include Captain Philippa Georgiou, Lt. Saru, Michael Burnham, T’Kumva, Gabriel Lorca, Paul Stamets, Harry Mudd, Young Sarek, Ash Tyler, and Silvia Tilly. The Event schedule is as follows, without spoilers!”

  • Shooting Star (Thurs Oct 5-10)
  • Lock and Load (Thurs Oct 12-16)
  • The Wrong Place (Thurs Oct 19-23)
  • Powderkeg (Thurs Oct 26-20)

Source: Disruptor Beam

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