New Discovery Promotional Appearances And Clips

Sonequa Martin-Green made appearances on Late Night With Stephen Colbert and CBS This Morning, where she shared clips from the forthcoming show.

The first clip, shown below, is seven minutes long and features the desert walking scene with Michael Burnham and Captain Philippa Georgiou. In this appearance on CBS This Morning, Martin-Green talks about the secrecy, saying that the creators are protective of the show. She praised everyone working on the show, saying that they were “at their highest potential.” Giving the Vulcan salute, she explains her relationship to Sarek, Amanda, and Spock. “I appreciate how courageous this story is and I appreciate how they have woven me into that family, because Spock is an institution,” she said. “I am one hundred percent human. My parents were killed when I was very young and it happened at a Vulcan outpost, so they took responsibility for me. And I was commissioned to Sarek and Amanda’s care, so I became their surrogate daughter.”

Martin-Green also spoke about fan response to the casting and diversity, saying that “diversity and universality are the pillars of Star Trek. That is the legacy of it.” Trek is “taking that next step forward,” having a woman captain, the first black female lead, and the first Asian female captain.”

On Late Night With Stephen Colbert, a clip was shared showing Martin-Green encountering the Torchbearer for the first time. He is not impressed with her attempts to be friendly.

In these divisive times, “people need to see what we can be and what can become,” said Martin-Green. “And I think it’s what this show does. It always has. So we’re just going boldly in the way it always has.”

And below, Rainn Wilson (Harry Mudd) will delight(?) fans with his singing while touring the Discovery set. Or not.

Source: CBS Newsvia The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

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