Star Trek: Discovery’s Ensign Connor And Dr. Culber Speak

Sam Vartholomeos and Wilson Cruz, two actors who will soon become familiar to Star Trek fans tuning in to Star Trek: Discovery, spoke about their new roles.

Cruz, best-known to fans of My-So-Called Life, will be playing Dr. Hugh Culber. “I’m not the chief medical officer, but I am a ship’s doctor,” he said. “So my name is Dr. Hugh Culber, and even though by the time we get to this time in history, I have a very white last name — but am very much Latino.

“Just like every other character in the series, Culber is a genius in his field in his own right, and is truly in awe of the people that he fights with — and in playing him, I draw inspiration from doctors and nurses and other medical people in battlefields where they have to really balance the mission and the well-being and health of their fellow soldiers.

“So there’s that, and there’s the element of working with and loving someone you work with [Anthony Rapp’s Paul Stamets]. That’s an interesting dynamic to play as well.”

Vartholomeos is playing Ensign Danby Connor. “He is the Ops officer on the bridge of the USS Shenzhou,” said Vartholomeos. “He’s Starfleet through and through. He’s a young, hungry officer…he wants to rise as much as he wants to learn and really earn that path.”

Source: Trekcore

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