Shatner In Aliens Ate My Homework

William Shatner will have a voice role in Aliens Ate My Homework, a film based on Bruce Colville‘s 1993 book of the same name.

Shatner will take on the role of a talking plant named Phil.

“It’s an incredibly fun galactic adventure,” said Shatner, “based on a best-selling series of books by Bruce Colville.”

Shatner went on to explain that he will “play a talking plant named Phil, who must…boldly go where no talking plant has gone before.”

After his “crew and I crash our intergalactic starship into the home of a twelve-year-old earthling,” said Shatner, they must “join forces with to prevent total planetary destruction.”

Aliens Ate My Homework will go straight to DVD and will also be streamed on sites such as Netflix and Amazon.

Source: New York Upstate

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