Presley The Trek Fan

A new documentary on Elvis Presley reveals that the actor was a Star Trek fan.

The Seven Ages of Elvis, to be broadcast on the UK’s Sky Arts tonight, commemorates the fortieth anniversary of Presley’s death.

One of Presley’s co-stars in 1968’s Live A Little, Love a Little was Celeste Yarnall, familiar to Trek fans for her role of Martha Landon in the original series’ The Apple. She spoke about their first day on the set of the comedy. “First day on set, Elvis gave me the biggest hug,” said Yarnall, “and he said, ‘I just couldn’t wait to meet you. I knew you were coming. And I know you from Star Trek.’ We became very, very dear friends and very close very quickly.”

“Elvis was a Star Trek fan,” she added. “He even had a horse named Star Trek.”

Source: Gigwise

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