New IDW Publishing Star Trek Comics

Two new Star Trek comics arrive tomorrow, but fans can have a sneak peek of the issues today.

The comics include Star Trek New Visions: All the Ages Frozen, and Star Trek: Waypoint #6.

In All the Ages Frozen, which was written by and features a cover and photo manipulation by John Byrne, “on a world locked deep into an ice age, Kirk and the crew investigate the disappearance of a team of Federation scientists, and discover a long-lost civilization whose only survivor is intent on saving them…even if it kills them!”

The forty-eight page issue will sell for $7.99.





In Star Trek: Waypoint #6, “Nurse Chapel questions whether or not to continue her medical training until a shuttle incident prompts her to make decisions that will forever change her future. In the second story, Captain Kirk is forced to work with the Romulans after a biological weapon is unleashed, with unexpected – and surprising – results.”

Written by Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman, with art by Christopher Herndon and Hardman, and covers by Hardman, Tom Whalen, and Dave Dorman, Star Trek: Waypoint #6 will be thirty-two pages long and will sell for $3.99.

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Source: Comics Continuum

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