Billingsley in Happy Father’s Day: A Tragedy

Star Trek: Enterprise‘s John Billingsley is set to star in MANKS Productions’ Happy Father’s Day: A Tragedy.

In Happy Father’s Day: A Tragedy, “a loving father…nearly dies trying to prevent his serial killer son from harming another living soul.”

“What if we as parents do everything ‘right,’ but our child turns out ‘wrong’? What would I do if my child began hurting people?’ asked producer James Russell. “How far would I go to protect society from the child I have created? As a father myself, I really don’t know. Do you?

“The Happy Father’s Day story touches on fears that hide in the deep recesses of every parent’s psyche, and because of that, it is a movie that every parent needs to see.”

Happy Father’s Day: A Tragedy is currently in fundraising mode, and seeks to raise $3.2 million dollars via Indiegogo. That campaign is located here.

Filming on the movie is expected to begin later this autumn and the movie is planned to be released in time for Father’s Day 2018.

Source: PRWeb

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