Trek Actor Running For Congress

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine‘s John G. Hertzler (General Martok) is running for Congress.

The former actor will challenge Republican Tom Reed for New York’s 23rd Congressional District Seat.

An opponent of hydrofracking who actively speaks out against the practice, Hertzler currently sits on the Ulysses Town Board. His term there will last until 2020.

“I disagree with everything Reed supports, including his unrelenting support of the Trumpster,” said Hertzler.

Hertzler will run “in the persona of Mark Twain,” and he will present his ideas “through the brilliant humorist for all ages.”

“To my knowledge, it’s never been done before,” said Hertzler said of his plan to run in the persona of Twain. “I look forward to the challenge.”

Hertzler plans a campaign swing through all eleven counties of the 23rd district.


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